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This category contains the conception and implementation including test environment and documentation of FPGA designs specialized in:

  • Signal, Video, and Image Processing
  • Custom algorithms in digital circuit technology with optimized throughput and latency

My special fields are the development and implementation of reliable FPGA designs for Signal, Video, and Image Processing systems, and the implementation of application-specific algorithms in FPGAs. I achieve the high reliability of the resulting FPGA designs by a highly modular design of the FPGA-internal system architecture, a clever use of timing constraints, and the automatic simulation of all implemented circuits.

You already have a proven software implementation of your custom algorithm and so of your sensitive know-how? Very good! Now you might consider to realize your work in a practical implementation with sufficient throughput and low latency. Then maybe the transformation of your algorithm into the digital circuit technology of FPGAs is the right approach. The appropriate combination of Hardware Description Language (HDL) and High-Level Synthesis (HLS), which I use, enables you to make changes and extensions to the implementation quickly, even at a later stage. I would be happy to support you in making the right considerations and with your implementation.

This development service contains the design and evaluation of various system architecture approaches specialized in computer vision and signal processing systems including internal processing units, buses, memory systems, and peripheral sensors and modules.

You have already created the desired system functions and algorithms and now you intend to integrate them into a system architecture that executes your implementations sufficiently fast and modularly?

Then I can provide you my experience and design a suitable system architecture including its peripheral components that will achieve your goals. I develop for you different approaches, which allow you to optimally balance performance, implementation effort, costs, and flexibility. My daily business and my extensive industrial and scientific network allow me to quickly overview the state of the art and future technical developments for you.

I support you in expanding your capabilities in using digital circuitry in FPGAs or SoCs based on your current technical challenges.

You first implementations in programmable logic are done, but sometimes the result does not work correctly even you didn’t change something and debugging takes more and more time, costs and just bring up new questions? Or you have the problem that your product can only implement your innovative ideas competitively if you make the step into embedded data processing using FPGAs or SoCs? But you do not know how to start?

Then let us work together on your current technical challenges. This service is mainly about you. Our goal will be to solve your issues concerning FPGA designs or embedded data processing in a way which is understandable for you and makes you capable to handle your future issues independently.

If you are interested in a suitable service or you would like to discuss your ideas, please contact me.
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